US documentary wedding photographers

The Best of 2018

Every year, we assign a one-word resolution for our business as a focus and motivation. The word this year was growth. Photographing 22 weddings and 3 elopements from March to December in eight states, we had both our busiest and most traveled year as a company. One of the biggest things Jeff and I focused on was fine-tuning our individual styles to further compliment each other and provide each client with a vibrant, varied body of work. Jeff found a unique voice during the portrait sessions while I worked on finding elegance in minimalism in both candids and details.

To further the quality of our work and relationships with each couple, we expanded our trips to Boston, New York, and DC, visiting almost every one of our couples before their wedding days to get brunch, drinks, or explore their city. This was a highlight of the year- forging long-lasting friendships and helping each other become even more comfortable and acquainted with the fabulous people we photograph. When our couples open their lives up to us, we see the unique ways they incorporate their personalities into their celebrations, and love finding those otherwise looked-over moments.

I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much and been so excited to look at images after each wedding- we’re so grateful to each one of our clients who give us these incredible opportunities and pushed us to become better photographers and people. We can’t wait to see how this continues in 2019!