Our Albums

When Jeff and I met in photo school, one of the things we immediately bonded over was our love of photo books. The idea of having a hundred perfect prints by a master photographer in a  neatly bound book was and still is a delight for us. We have books on our shelves from 1950 to this year, and each one holds up over time. 

Because of this, we searched for a while before we found a craftsman-made album that holds the quality and timelessness our favorite photo books have. 

Why we love these albums:

-100 pages mean no cramming of handfuls of images on each page

-Dozens of linen choices (we especially love the natural textures in this color)

-Printing that holds up to our deeply-ingrained print geek standards

-Subtly striking and easy to store

Our albums are available as an option in two of our three 2017 collections and as an a la carte option anytime. 

2016 Favorites

As I looked through each wedding and engagement session from the past year to choose our favorite photos, I was reminded by all the happy memories and funny stories from the past twelve months. Every couple we worked with this year was down-to-earth, low-key, and so in love with each other that the little details weren't a stressor. We loved how everyone made their wedding absolutely their own, from the blanket toss at Celeste and David's wedding to Caitlin and Devin's Irish Fiesta. 

2016 was also special for me, as I was able to leave my job as a newspaper photographer to run this wonderful little business full-time. I'm so happy to be able to give each wedding even more time and attention and have added flexibility for engagement sessions (and editing in my PJs is a huge perk, too). 

During the quieter season this winter, when I'm not editing sessions or working on improving our website, I'm helping Jeff finish building our timber-frame modern farmhouse (also right here in Tunbridge), that I'm excited to share with y'all. As always, you can take a peek at my Instagram for what our Vermont Winter looks like, or head over to Jeff's for a look at the house progress. 

We're getting excited for all that 2017 has in store!

-Sarah (and Jeff)



A Few Favorites From Stephen and Sam's Wedding in Baltimore, Maryland

When I was in college, juggling assignments from several different photography classes, I made it a habit to practice my craft for myself, self-assigning events and portraits to photograph. I chose things I was interested in, and learned a multitude just by working for myself every now and again. 

This year, I had the privilege by being a bridesmaid in two weddings. I brought my camera along to both, enjoying the opportunity to see things from a different point of view. The first wedding was my sister Caroline's wedding in Pennsylvania this Spring, and the second was my brother-in-law Stephen's wedding in Baltimore last night. 

Since I met him in 2009, Stephen has been the brother I never had, treating me like family right away, keeping me laughing with his infectious sense of humor, and always being an encouraging presence in Jeff's and my life. When he started dating Sam, she fit right into the Porter clan, and we've grown close with late-night talks, trips to the beach, and our love for Target. 

It was such a delight to be apart of Stephen and Sam's wedding and taking some fun photographs while celebrating with family.