Our Albums

When Jeff and I met in photo school, one of the things we immediately bonded over was our love of photo books. The idea of having a hundred perfect prints by a master photographer in a  neatly bound book was and still is a delight for us. We have books on our shelves from 1950 to this year, and each one holds up over time. 

Because of this, we searched for a while before we found a craftsman-made album that holds the quality and timelessness our favorite photo books have. 

Why we love these albums:

-100 pages mean no cramming of handfuls of images on each page

-Dozens of linen choices (we especially love the natural textures in this color)

-Printing that holds up to our deeply-ingrained print geek standards

-Subtly striking and easy to store

Our albums are available as an option in two of our three 2017 collections and as an a la carte option anytime.