Two Weeks in Europe

A fond tradition we look forward to every year is traveling a few weeks before wedding season- it not only gives us something to look forward to each year, but it also gives us a fresh perspective to launch into our working season with. Going to Europe has been a dream of ours for years, and this year, we were able to bring it to life. We decided on France, Switzerland, Germany, and Copenhagen, and learned the railway system, walked over 100 miles, ate dozens of croissants and baguettes and met some really cool people. 

Part of our travel always involves our passions, so besides taking lots of photographs, we spent an afternoon on a river in France where Jeff could fly fish, and a day at an idyllic Icelandic horse farm in Germany where I took some riding lessons (and we both took lots of photos). 

While we have the fewest photos from our time in Copenhagen, it was our absolute favorite part of the trip- biking around such a beautiful, friendly city was the highlight of an incredible trip.